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🟢 Keeping those gumballs green 🟢

Using Entr to Extend Jekyll's Live Reloading Feature

Jekyll can be launched with the -l or --livereload flag, which will automatically reload the site if it detects a change in any of its content files. This flag is invaluable for when you are drafting articles or making changes to the site and wish to see how they look without having to stop and restart the server in order to apply those changes. This benefit is amplified even more when running the server inside a Docker container, as restarting a container takes a lot of time. There are some files that do not trigger the live reloading, however, such as _config.yml


Jekyll and GitLab Pages Series: Establishing an Environment and Workflow

After the successful stand-up of the example page, it was time to get to work turning this Jekyll-house into a Jekyll-home. 🏠😌


Jekyll and GitLab Pages Series: Hello World!

What better “Hello, World!” for this space than a post about my experience with Jekyll and GitLab Pages?